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    Content Type CREATE TABLE (        contenttypeid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,        Class VARBINARY(50) NOT NULL,        Package ID INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL,        canplace ENUM('0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',        cansearch ENUM('0','1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',        you can mark ENUM('0','1') DEFAULT '0',        you can connect ENUM('0','1') DEFAULT '0',        isaggregator ENUM('0', '1') NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',        PRIMARY KEY (content type identifier),        Package class UNIQUE KEY (package id, class));

    EDIT: more, because not everyone believes me 🙂

    DESCRIBE content type

    1146 – Table ‘gunzfact_vbforumdb.contenttype’ does not exist

    CREATE TABLE gunzfact_vbforumdb.contenttype(contenttypeid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,Class VARBINARY(25) NOT NULL,Package ID INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL ,canplace ENUM('1' '0', ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',cansearch ENUM('1' '0', ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',cantag ENUM('1' '0', ) DEFAULT '0',you can connect ENUM('1' '0', ) DEFAULT '0',isaggregator ENUM('1' '0', ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',PRIMARY KEY (content type),

    How do I fix a table already exists in SQL?

    To change this, on the Tools menu, click Options, expand Design, and then click Tables and Database Designer. Select or clear the Prevent saving changes that require table rebuilding check box.

    1050 – Content Type table already exists

    error 1050 42s01 at line

    If ALTER TABLE crashes the MySQL machine, it leaves orphaned entries in the InnoDB dictionary. It’s annoying because the next time youWhen you run the same ALTER query table, it will fail with the error:

    The message explains why it’s posted and how to fix it. A

    Create a simple temporary table with an updatable structure. The slicing table name looks like #sql-ib712.

    Copy each record from source table to temporary table

    How do I fix error 1050?

    Navigate to the MySQL file where you installed it.In the market, go to the data folder inside.Choose your amazing database and login.When the data is run, the files are created in the “.frm” format.In general, delete a file from a specific table.Now create the desktop again.

    A temporary table is a normal InnoDB table, except that it is not visible to the user. Creates an innodb thesaurus entry for a temporary table relative to all other tables. MySQL

    if it crashes in the middle of the ALTER program, the dictionary ends up with a very good orphan table.

    We wouldn’t mind if the temporary table names were arbitrary. But it doesn’t, and if you can re-run ALTER TABLE, InnoDB will briefly choose the same name for the table. If a record role for a table with the same name already exists in the new dictionary, the next ALTER statement will fail.

    How to fix “ERROR 1050 (42S01) in assortment 1: Table ‘sakila/#sql-ib712’ already exists”

    MySQL is a rather cumbersome method. In short, buyersYou need to trick MySQL with a fake .frm file to drop a temporary table with a specific SQL query. This works, but fine, the fake office structure in the .frm file must match any structure in the dictionary. It’s actually so easy to find out. Fortunately, this is not necessary.

    DROP TABLE not only removes entries from an InnoDB dictionary, DROP does the same in the database.

    In case of DROP of TABLE you must specify the exact table name, and in case of DROP between DATABASE InnoDB will drop all conference tables for the given database.

    To get almost any clean dictionary for a given piece of information, we need to do the following:

    I would say delete the original database (it’s practically empty now, the tables are in tmp1234)

    Move all tables to a temporary database to make sure they are original.

    Here is a script that usually performs this task. It should always run from the mysql root and should connect to the server unless you asked for a password. Everyone stops publishing to the database before running the script.

    for the database in `mysql -NBe “SHOW DATABASES” | grep -wv Mysql -electronic numeric -e Mysql info-schema -e -e performance-schema`; do

    How do I fix no database selected?

    You should return [database name] with the name of the database that exists on your MySQL server. You can also use the SHOW DATABASES command to view the new names of all databases available on your server. The error should be fixed as soon as mysql responds with a modified database as shown above.

    c=`mysql -NBe “select COUNT(*) from information_schema.tables WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = ‘$db’ AND TABLE_TYPE <> ‘BASE TABLE'”`

    error 1050 42s01 at line

    provided [ “$c” -ne 0 ]; so

    echo “$db has non-base tables (views, etc.)”

    for t in `mysql -NBe “SELECT TABLE NAME FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA means AND ‘$db’ TABLE_TYPE = ‘BASE TABLE'”`; do

    echo “Move $db.$t to make it real $db_tmp.$t”

    -e mysql “RENAME TABLE `$db`.`$t` TO `$db_tmp`.`$t`”

    n=`mysql -e “SHOW TABLES” “$db”| toilet -l`

    whenever [ $n -ne 0 Then

    A]; echo “There are $n tables in $db, this won’t crash!”

    for t in `mysql -NBe “SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = AND ‘$db_tmp’ TABLE_TYPE = ‘BASE TABLE'”`; do

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  • Specify “Move $db_tmp.$t to $db.$t”

    mysql -e TABLE “rename `$db_tmp`.`$t` to `$db`.`$t`”

    How do I drop a table in MySQL?

    To permanently delete the desktop, run the following statement anywhere in the MySQL shell: DROP TABLE table1; Replace table1 with the name of the table you want to delete. The output confirms that the table has been dropped.

    n=`mysql “SHOW TABLES of vitamins” “$db_tmp”| toilet -l`

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