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    If you encounter a Gentoo error when running sbin depscan sh on your computer, this guide should help you.

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    gentoo error running sbin depscan sh

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    Posted: Tuesday May 15, 2007 7:20 AM

    Like this,

    everything now and then on random occasions I get this error:

    Cerberus # /etc/init.d/ named restart

    * Don’t trust information! Please explain
    * * # /sbin/
    * to solve this problem.

    I can run the script multiple times and it doesn’t solve the problem.
    Often times, what definitely solves the problem is the reappearance of the main layout.

    does anyone know what is causing this?


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    Hi guys

    I have already updated my system (emerge -u world). I stopped

    update process using Ctrl-C to go back to shutting down the PC. After

    Restart in the middle of the runlevel, right after “Configure

    For an even better overview, each line is marked with a red star

    against each other. This error is displayed twice next to the system entry

    Runlevel is 3, display the same message again and help me log in

    I logged in because I saw it was root and tried No way out

    The only but last line fromIt is played in Polish, so you can experiment with the mktemp ‘above

    ‘but I figured out pretty quickly that I was offline, not

    I tried googling and found a solution to this problem, but

    – Mail jano an stepien com pl
    Jabber jano next to jabber aster pl
    GG 1894343

    gentoo – * ** @ Email List

    What exactly will the update look like after restart

    system? What has been updated before what? Similar to

    Get PC error-free in minutes

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  • something important to the system. I couldn’t live without starting from this

    livecd and hence you chroot in your environment and finally trying to fix the problem

    Jan’s contribution Stà “ ™ pieÃ… „

    The last time I installed it, I decided that I would only use the port for important packages, so if something works fine, I would not change it unless I really need it and does not appear on around the world and elsewhere. potentially dangerous objects were literally a no-go zone for me. I do a lot of things for the media, that’s all that really interested me.

    In many cases, the so-calledThis “drug treatment” was used to get rid of addictions that I did not even know existed, and the addiction to this was the result of solving the problem of addiction, which turned out to be unpredictable. … …

    In the last precious time of my machine game, in cases where it refused to recognize certain changes, I made almost more. It was almost as if he was so blind. I figured he would download the part, he said he would, unless it really works. I would install a script to run on startup and it would ignore it, I would tell it there is a lot of small software and then the system would say it does it, but no matter if you did, I would didn’t want to find it. or benefit.

    This is too much for my taste. It actually seems very conservative that porting is not enough.

    gentoo error running sbin depscan sh

    The only thing I’m wrong about is how cool I can be when I need it.

    Sometimes all you have to do with RPM based distributions is twist the painsew a finger and make a wish.

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