How Do I Fix My Gamepad Test On Windows 7?

In the past few days, several of our readers have been telling us how to test my gamepad on Windows 7.

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    Open the Control Panel for business games controllers. To do this, use one of the following methods:Click on your primary game controller, then click. Specifications.On the Test tab, test a specific game controller to see if it works.

    I have another gamepad. This is a cheap product that I bought for almost $ 5 for


    How do I setup my gamepad on Windows 7?

    Click the Windows Primary Key, enter Game Controllers, and then click the Configure USB Golf Controller option. Click the name of most joysticks orgamepads you want to test and click the Properties button or link.

    . The description says that it supports vibration. I connected it to my computer and tried to play 14 FIFA World Cup ™. The vibration should work when a new ball hits the bar / rack. But they don’t vibrate. So I realized that the online application does not have this function. Some say it works and often it doesn’t.

    Well, I also want to check whether the gamepad is working or not. I searched the internet. There are several answers to the same question. So I decided to write a head because I couldn’t find a manual developed for this gamepad vibration.

    how to test my gamepad in windows 7

    So how do you know exactly if the shaker and gamepad are working?

    I am currently using Windows 7 – 32 bit. The steps are the same for Windows 4. However, the user interface is different for different operating systems.

    How do I check the inputs on my computer controller?

    Connect a real game controller to your PC.If users still hear a beep when installing on Windows 10, authorize drivers for that specific installation.Open your browser and check Gamepad Tester.Press any button on the controller to wake it up.The game controller is recognized by the gamepad tester.

    2. In the “Start” section, find in the assortment “Configure USB on Networked Game Controllers” or “USB Game”.

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  • The next step is to select “Configure USB Application Controller”.

    You can see the controller type here. In some of my cases, this is a “USB vibration joystick”. Then click the


    Here you can see bump test properties, calibration suggestions and vibration tests.

    Functional test

    How do I calibrate my gamepad Windows 7?

    Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and click Properties. Click the Test tab, then the Options tab. In the new pop-up window, click the Calibration tab on the Options tab and click the Next button. Click Johnson with your left thumb on the joystick.

    Now move the joysticks in the same way and press each device on the controller. You can see the corresponding button colors blink when they work

    Calibration function

    Calibration training is absolutely accessible. So no need to explain

    Vibration test

    First we need to adjust the vibration strength. I bet 80% because it suits me. You can set many other values ​​for it as you like. Then move the analog stick on your controller – if it functions correctly, you will feel the vibration of your hands.

    To check if the howl works accurately, first select “Left, Then Forced”, “Right Force”, sooner or later “Both Forces.” You canFeel a shiver when the joystick motor is running. If the vibration is absolutely not working, then something is wrong with your gamepad or the motor / circuit inside.

    During the game

    In some games, controller vibration does not work. It depends on the game, so if the vibration of the joystick does not work during the game, the software does not mean that the joystick is probably defective. Check the game description to make sure it is vibration-proof and not even


    It seems like a lot of people are having issues with gamepad vibration and the analog stick doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, it is due to both software (driver) issues and PC problems.

    1. Uninstall the software containing the drivers. Download the latest best driver from the official website.

    2. Try to run the Clear Standardization utility (can be used for all gamepads), which can be downloaded from the available ones – press


    4. If not, adjust again. The calibration option is at the bottom of the Settings tab.

    This is because if the problem is still not resolved and persists, this item may be caused by faulty products. Then contact official support during the warranty period.


    If you are using QHM7468-2VA quantum controller or QH quantum control … for games. I think this problem is generally serious and this particular brand is affected. Operators have not been updated for a long time, mainly because they show low support, and even more so not a single bank of theirs.


    I found this Soln in another tutorial (external link and use at your own risk) and I have never tested his . As a result, this obstacle comes up if you like .Files cpl from the Twin USB specialist, but some files often don’t fit during installation, so vibration works in all EA games.
    See this fix guide. The current Windows shell dll no longer works

    how to test my gamepad in windows 7

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