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    If you receive a Managed DirectX Wiki error message, today’s guide has been written to help you. Microsoft DirectX is a Windows web interface technology designed to enhance multimedia experiences such as 3D gaming, graphics, online gaming, and audio. Many gaming and graphics applications require an extension for a specific version of DirectX.


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    managed directx wiki

    Microsoft DirectX (Direct eXtension) is a comprehensive set of application programming interfaces for handling multimedia-related tasks, some game and video programming on Microsoft-related platforms. Direct3D (DirectX graphics engine) is a direct competitor to the OpenGL standard maintained by the Khronos group.

    What is DirectX version?

    To use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to check which version of DirectX is actually installed on your PC, select the Start control, type dxdiag in the search box, and press Enter. In the Exact DirectX Diagnostic Tool, select the System tab, then check the DirectX variant number under System Information.

    Direct3D is widely used in the development of PC games for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox, and Microsoft Xbox 360. DirectX is also used in other software industries.a lot of support, especially in engineering, because with DirectX you can quickly render high-quality graphics in 3D. compatible imaging equipment.

    DirectX runtime and SDK are available for free, but are paid, proprietary software, and then closed. The DirectX runtime was originally distributed by game developers along with their games, but was later considered included with Microsoft Windows. It is still common for game developers to include an updated version of DirectX that prompts for automatic installation after game components are installed to ensure that the program works properly.

    All new versions of DirectX, DirectX, and 10 DirectX 9Ex are only available for Windows Vista. Microsoft claims that a good reason for this is that part of the Windows graphics architecture and the implementation of the Windows driver display model have been significantly changed.


    DirectX functions are, of course, provided as Component Object Model interfaces, as well as various managed system interfaces.

  • graDirectX fic consisting of two APIs (from DirectX 8.0):
  • DirectDraw: for drawing 2D graphics (raster graphics) (nowadays mostly obsolete, although used by many today)
  • Direct3D (D3D): Refers to drawing 3D graphics.
  • DirectInput: for interaction via keyboard, mouse, joystick or other game controllers (not updated since version 8, except for XInput, which is designed specifically for Xbox360 controllers. WM INPUT is recommended for keyboards and animals instead).
  • DirectPlay: refers to game networking (with DirectInput, last updated in version 6. Now deprecated).
  • DirectSound: for video playback and waveform sound recording
    • DirectSound3D (DS3D): Suitable for still image audio playback.
  • DirectMusic: for playing soundtracks created for a producer
  • DirectX directmusic Media: Includes DirectAnimation for 2D web animation, DirectShow for rich playback and streaming media, DirectX Transform for web interactivity, and Direct3D Retained Mode for next-level 3D visuals. DirectShow additionally includes plug-insThese are DirectX modules for processing audio and DirectX video for speeding up video playback.
  • DirectX Media Objects: Support for streaming objects such as encoders, decoders, and effects.
  • DirectSetup: to install DirectX components, not APIs.
  • History

    At the end of 1994, Microsoft was about to release its next operating system, Windows 95. Remarkably, the main factor that determined the value consumers would get from their new operating system depended heavily on what programs they were most likely to use. , enjoyed. do. site to launch. Three Microsoft employees – Craig Eisler, Alex St. John and Eric Engstrom – were concerned that programmers were suggesting that Microsoft’s old operating system, DOS, be considered a platform more suitable for game programming, which meant that Windows 95 could be developed several games. on the other hand, the operating system would not have received such widespread use.

    managed directx wiki

    Over time, DOS allowed direct access to secure graphics cards, keyboards, mice, and peripherals.devices and all other parts of the system, while Windows 95, with its protected memory model, restricted access to all those that were related to much more. standardized model. Microsoft needed a way to give programmers what they wanted, and they needed it quickly; Before the release, there were only a few months of work with the system. Eisler, St. John, and Engstrom teamed up to solve this big problem with a solution they ended up calling DirectX.

    The first released version of DirectX was released in September 1995 as the Windows Games SDK. It was a Win32 add-on for DCI and WinG for the Windows 3.1 API. A development team made up of people from ATI brought Microsoft’s attention to the core technology of the gaming style. valid versions of Microsoft Windows since Windows 95 for high performance media integration. Eisler wrote on his blog about the madness that you can build DirectX 1 to 5.

    Before DirectX, Microsoft had already integrated OpenGL into its Windows NT platform. At the time, OpenGL required “high-end” computer systems and was limited to both engineering and CAD applications. Starting from Direct3D (introduced by Eisler, Engström and St. John as a great alternative to OpenGL), sgi was intended to be a lightweight partner using the slower OpenGL in terms of games. As the power of all graphics cards and computers has grown, you can see that OpenGL has become the de facto standard and mainstream product. That at this point a “battle” began between the proponents of cross-platform OpenGL and Windows-only Direct3D, which many have cited as another example of Microsoft’s “Enjoy, extend, and delete” business practice (see Fahrenheit or Direct3D vs. OpenGL). However, other DirectX APIs are likely to be often paired with OpenGL in PC or handheld games because OpenGL does not include all DirectX features (such as stability or joystick). However, any combination of OpenGL and OpenAL is becoming increasingly popular for this purpose.

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