Fixed Fedora Patch Kernel Header

Recently, some of our users reported that they are suffering from Fedora kernel patch headers.

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    Geeta VivekLast update: March 11, 2010 Remarks

    I am still trying to install vmware-tools Fedora Linux v12 which prompts during kernel headers. How do I configure kernel.headers on Fedora Linux?

    You need to help install the following two packages:

    • kernel-devel: development package for creating kernel.modules if you need to customize your kernel.
    • kernel-headers: Linux kernel headers for many glibc users.

    Enter the following costs as root to install the required packages:
    # yum -y core development set core headers
    After installation, enter the following command to finally configure the vmware-tools client package:


    Alternatively, on systems with floppy drives, most users can create a boot floppy to install the mkbootdisk package and move the mkbootdisk command as root . See the mkbootdisk man page after installing the package for usage information.

    To see which kernel packages are running, the dnf list command is placed in "kernel- *" at the shell prompt. The result will consist of some or all of the following packages, depending on the architecture of the system, and parts of the version may differ:

    patch kernel header fedora

    Use the output to determine which packages to download to update the kernel. For a system with a processor In the chunks, the only hardware needed is the kernel package. For a description of the various packages, see Kernel Package Overview.

    1. Install the SYSLINUX bootloader on your USB SDX storage device:

      â € ¦â € ‹where is just the name of the device.

    2. Create specific mount points for boot.iso and USB stick:

       ~] #   mkdir / mnt / isoboot / mnt / diskboot 
    3. Mount boot.iso :

       ~] #   mount -o image boot.iso / mnt / isoboot 
    4. Plug in your computer's USB drive / dev / sdX1:

       ~] #   mount / mnt / diskboot 
    5. Copy the ISOLINUX files caused by loading the USB Utility Area device. In ISO :

       ~] #   cp / mnt / isoboot / isolinux / * / mnt / diskboot 
    6. Use isolinux.cfg file from boot.iso as syslinux.File cfg for USB device:

       ~] #   grep -v local area /mnt/isoboot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg> /mnt/diskboot/syslinux.cfg 
    7. Disable boot.iso and all USB storage devices:

       ~] #umount / mnt / isoboot / mnt / diskboot 
    8. You really need to restart your computer from your mobile Your device and make sure you can actually boot with it before proceeding.

     ~] #   mkdir / mnt / diskboot 
     ~] #   mount / mnt / isoboot -o Interceptor boot.iso / mnt / isoboot 
     ~] #   mount / dev / sdX1 / mnt / isoboot / isolinux / * / mnt / diskboot 
     ~] #   cp / mnt / diskboot 
     ~] #   grep -5 local /mnt/isoboot/isolinux/isolinux.cfg> /mnt/diskboot/syslinux.cfg 
     ~] #umount / mnt / isoboot / mnt / diskboot 

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  •  ~] #   installed "core- *" dnf collectionThe last metadata stream sang the check until 00:28:51 on Tuesday, May 26, 21:22:39 2015.Installed packagescore-core.x86_64 4.0.3-300.fc22 @SystemKernel kernel .x86_64 4.0.4-300.fc22 @SystemKernel .x86_64 4.0.4-301.fc22 @SystemKernel Header .x86_64 4 .0.4-301.fc22 @Systemkernel-modules.x86_64 4 .0.3-300.fc22 @ Systemkernel-modules.x86_64 4 .0.4-300.fc22 @ Systemkernel-modules.x86_64 number .0.4-301.fc22 @System 

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    Encabezado Del Kernel Del Parche De Fedora Fijo
    Fedora Patch Kernel Header Corrigido
    Vaste Fedora Patch Kernel Header
    Kernel-Header Für Fedora-Patch Korrigiert
    Исправлен заголовок ядра исправления Fedora
    Correction De L'en-tête Du Noyau Du Patch Fedora
    고정 Fedora 패치 커널 헤더
    Naprawiony Nagłówek Jądra Poprawki Fedory
    Risolto Il Problema Con L'intestazione Del Kernel Della Patch Fedora
    Fixat Fedora Patch Kernel Header