Troubleshooting Reinstalling Quickplay Vista

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    If you have reinstalled Quickplay Vista on your PC, this guide should help resolve the issue. Also close all applications to connect the PC to the power supply.Click Start, type Recovery Manager in the search box, and then simply click HP Recovery Manager in the people list.Click on more options.Click Reinstall Software.



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    QuickPlay and DVD Play play DVDs or music CDs from movie theaters on your laptop. It comes pre-installed on some laptops so it will show up asto QuickPlay or Play DVD depending on the hard drive model and hardware components. So when it’s set up as QuickPlay, it has a bit more features, like being able to connect to a webcam.

    For notebook models with a QuickPlay button on the keyboard, you can launch the created application by pressing the QuickPlay button. QuickPlay must be launched first. Other applications will continue to run during the download while a DVD movie, also known as a music CD, is already playing. Home pop-ups (such as Norton Anti-Virus in addition to HP Total Care) will appear on startup but can be minimized so you can continue watching the DVD. DVD playback can be started after the computer is logged into Windows.

    Discovering Various QuickPlay/DVD Play Settings

    Where is HP QuickPlay?

    After completing a specific installation, tap the QuickPlay icon on the screen or change the QuickPlay button above your computer to open the QuickPlay app.

    There are three alternative versions of Play for QuickPlay/DVD. You can determine which version is for your primary computer and then check if the regular version is actually installed. If you have installed the wrong version of awesome, you may Uninstall the old app and then install the correct version.

    QuickPlay version


    See See also

    Fast playback 1.x

    Available on older XP laptops that come with an operating system CD, a driver recovery CD, and a QuickPlay installation CD. Version 1.x often requires you to manually create a 204 MB Linux partition on your hard drive.

    Quick game 2.x

    Available on XP laptops that come with the Recovery Diskless Manager utility. Recovery Manager, also installed on a separate disk partition, can be used to reinstall the application.

    If a specific XP recovery is being run on XP operating system discs, they can be used to reinstall the application. Version 2.x requires a one GB Windows partition, which is not easy disk.

    If your PC had Vista operating system installed but XP operating system was installed, you will never be able to use QuickPlay. Is it possible to use a special third-party program to view DVDs.

    Fast playback 3.x

    Available on Windows Vista laptops using a bundled system, I would say diskless recovery management utility. To reinstall the application, you can use the recovery manager installed on a separate hard drive partition. It is also available for computers that shipped with the XP Learning System but were certified HP Vista compatible and have always been upgraded to Vista using the HP Vista Upgrade Utility. 3.The reset button can be downloaded and purchased from the HP website to install the Vista version of all applications.

    This document covers planning and upgrading / Quickplay DVD Play 3.x.

    Prevent Deletion Of Existing Versions Of Thebefore Installing Updated Versions

    reinstall quickplay vista

    In case of program conflicts, it is best to uninstall old versions of all programs before attempting to install a good updated version. This is especially productive when programs are designed to run on different systems. To do this, follow these steps.

    1. Click Launch Control, Panel, then click Uninstall Real Program.

    2. Right click and select Delete.

    3. Get PC error-free in minutes

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    4. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
    5. 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
    6. 3. Click "Restore" to start the restoration process

    If prompted, allow your PC to start before attempting to install the update software.

    Quick Read Options

    There are several ways to determine if QuickPlay 3.x is available for Windows Vista program updates or possibly for your computer. The options are listed in the permissions table below.


    What can you do

    QuickPlay or DVD Play probably came pre-installed on my computer and II want to install all updates.

    The current program for your model should be available on the driver download page.

    Fast play or DVD play is not listed on the device support page for your model.

    Change QuickPlay or DVD-Play is listed on every webpage for Windows landscape products only. It is not identified on the XP operating system side.

    If there is no update on the site page, download QuickPlay version 3.7 Softpaq


    on the HP website.

    Depending on your hardware configuration, QuickPlay may install a SoftPaq for DVD playback and may not be able to access and display images from the internal webcam.

    QuickPlay or DVD Play was previously pre-installed, but the operating system was upgraded from Vista to XP and there is no xp version on the product support website.

    reinstall quickplay vista

    An extraordinary program is usually developed for the Vista operating system (OS) and does not run on the computer due to the operating system.XP System.

    This configuration is certainly not subject to HP’s eligibility policy, and a Softpaq for the XP operating system is not available.

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