Best Way To Troubleshoot Ubuntu Nfs Kernel Server Logging Issues

Here are some simple steps that can help solve the Ubuntu nfs kernel server logging issue.

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      mount.nfs4: Access denied by server while mounting fileserver: / export / path / one 

    Where on the server (in systemd) can detailed log information be found?

    ubuntu nfs-kernel-server logging

    At the same time, I asked a question about AskUbuntu from the perspective of an Ubuntu buyer. My focus in this question is on the Arch Linux server. Specifically, I have always looked for logs on the computer that would help me understand my problem.

    Our small local network has a good Arch Linux NFS v4 file system. We have several clients running Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04. We have a client running Ubuntu 14.04. The 14.04 client usually won't connect to the file server. The rest all communicate well. The settings are all on the clients. And all the people are listed in / etc / exports on the server today.

    Where does NFS server log?

    By default, debug messages are written to the NFS server at / var / log / messages.

    I need to find more specific information about errors on a server like Arch-Unix. However, journalctl has nothing to do with nfs, and information technology has nothing to do with polling nfs for rejected errors.

    How do I debug NFS problems?

    Enable all NFS debugging (client side). To enable NFS debugging for a visitor: # rpcdebug -m nfs -lenses all.Enable locked NFSD debugging (server side). To enable nfsd-lockd debugging on the server side: number rpcdebug -m nfsd -s lockd.Enable debugging of RPC calls.

    The 14.04 client can also ping the file server and connect via SSH. User / id phrase and labor are the same. (I am using the same client / UID account for owner and server. This is UID 1000.)

    How do I view NFS logs in Ubuntu?

    Enable debugging for NFS logs: In the example above, you can see a set of modules enabled for debugging (right) thanks to the nfsd daemon (left). After that, you will need to restart the NFS daemon. Once restored, you can check the syslog and you are there! Here are your NFS logs!

      $ sudo mount-client)Mount (on .nfs4: connect to the forbidden server by setting the file server: / export / path / onemount.nfs4: Access denied by server although fileserver: / export / path / two 

    How do I get NFS logs?

    Become superuser or believe in an equivalent role.(Optional) Modify the file system configuration settings.Add entries for the file system to be shared using NFS server logging.In the instance, make sure the NFS service is running on the server.(Optional) Start the NFS service.

      $ Mount ping fileserverFile server PING ( 56 (84) bytes of data.64 bytes via file server ( icmp_seq = 1 ttl = 64 time = 0.310 ssh ms 

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  •   $ file serverLast login: Tue, 12 Aug, 14:38:26 2016 from[i @ fileserver ~] $ 

    Export development file server and rpcinfo fetched to client:

      $ -e showmount fileserver # on clientFile Server Export List:/export/path/something/,$ rpcinfo -p fileserver (on client)    Plug-in service from prototype to program    100,000 fourth transformer one hundred eleven TCP ports    100,000 3 tcp one hundred eleven cartographer ports    100,000 2 TCP Port Mapper 111    100,000 4 udp 111 Portmaper    100,000 or more udp ports 111    100,000 double udp 110th portmapper     100024 12 udp status 58344     100024 1 TCP state 58561    100005 defined udp 20048 mounted    100005 1 TCP 20048 installed    100005 not one н, and two udp 20048 mountd    100005 2 TCP 20048 assy.    100005 three udp 20048 installed    100005 3 TCP 20048 installed    100003 many TCP 2049 nfs    100003 4 udp 2049 nfs 
      $ sudo mt. -vvv -t nfs4 fileserver: / export / path / some / path / some /    mount: fstab steps: "/ etc / fstab"    mount: mtab Path: "/ etc / mtab"    mount: blocking path: "/ etc / mtab ~"    mount: temporary path: "/etc/mtab.tmp"    Up: UID: 0    mt: eUID: 0    install: spec: "fileserver: / export / path / one"    mount: node: "/ path / some /"     Frame: Types: "nfs4"    mount: opts: "(null)"    mount: external mount: argv [0] matches "/sbin/mount.nfs4"    mount: extern mount: argv [1] = "fileserver: / export / path / one"    mount: extern mount: argv [2] matches "/ path / some /"    extension: external mount: argv [3] = "-v"    mount: extern mount: argv [4] equals "-o"    locate: external mount: argv [5] = "rw"    mount.nfs4: Timeout set to Tuesday 16 Aug 16:10:43 2016   mount.nfs4: checking text products 'addr =, clientaddr ='    mount.nfs4: mount (2): Access Denied    mount.nfs4: Refused to mount server while you are a file server: / export / path / one ubuntu nfs-kernel-server logging

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