Steps To Fix Cisco Untrusted Gbic Error

This guide will describe some of the possible causes that can lead to gbic cisco mistrust error, and then presents potential recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    When you insert multiple GBICs into a Catalyst 3850 switch, you may actually receive the following error logs:

    % PLATFORM_PM-6-MODULE_ERRDISABLE: SFP module inserted with Gix / y / z interface discovery not supported 
    % PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: gbic-invalid error on Gix / y / z found during Set Gix / j / z shutdown status error

    Problems have been encountered frequently with GLC-SX-MMD and third party SFPs.


    Pay attention to the following most important points first, as this is a hardware problem with an SFP, submodule (C3850-NM), or 3850 backplane.

    1: Check compatibility between SFP and software version of switch, submodule and software. You can read these docs with capacity matrices.

    Compatibility Matrix for Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Modules 10 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver Modules Compatibility Matrix 2. Some SPFs require configuration and action to operate on a Catalyst 3850 switch (most often if prepared by a third party). Try the following:

     3850 (config) # n 'errdisable gbi cause detectionc-invalid 
    3850 (config) # Care unsupported transceiver

    Remove the SFP module, close / do not close the port, reinsert the SFP module.

    CScuj31712- Some SFP owners forcibly disable ports in OIR

    It is recommended to use the stable version of the code, as you also do not encounter these errors. The recommended version of helped resolve these selection issues. At the end, the following documents can be transferred.

    unapproved gbic error cisco

    Many companies are looking for alternatives to Cisco SFPs to reduce the cost of such expensive modules.

    A common problem for customers with Cisco’s new Catalyst button line is that they don’t protect any third-party (non-Cisco) SFPs – on the other hand, they at least don’t beep …

    If you’ve just replaced your vendor’s switches and tried to use the latest generation SFP to connect to your market backbone, you’ll quickly find an actual error that looks like this:

    % PHY-4-UNSUPPORTED_TRANSCEIVER: Unsupported transceiver found in Gi1 / 0/0
    % GBIC_SECURITY_CRYPT-4-VN_DATA_CRC_ERROR: GBIC on port 65538 has invalid CRC

    Pozdwe reign! The Catalyst switch has no doubt just disabled the GBIC port! This is because Cisco Catalyst switches are pluggable and will not work with third party SFPs.

    When an SFP is connected to a GBIC port of this switch, the switch quickly reads a series of values ​​from the SFP and, if it should not, execute the above error message and block the port.

    All SFP modules contain a number of values ​​written to their EEPROM and include:

    • Vendor name
    • Vendor ID
    • Serial number
    • Security code
    • CRC

    How to Force Cisco Switch to Use Third Party SFPs

    Despite the displayed error, which leaves no hope of a solution, keep smiling until you receive confirmation of receipt.

    There are two undocumented commands that can still be used to force a specific Cisco Catalyst switch to activate each GBIC port and use a third party SFP:

    When you issue the Operation unsupported-transceiver command, the switch will automatically warn you that it is not allowed to use the transceiver.Most third party SFPs. No

    The errdisable come over cause gbic-invalid command helps ensure that a GBIC port is not disabled if an invalid GIBC is inserted.

    Since the unsupported transceiver service is not documented, no one will find it if you try to find the control word with the usual (?) method:

    The same is with the no errdisable detect Purpose gbic-invalid command. Tried

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  • We both have an unsupported transceiver and no error trip detection causing invalid gbic commands on the 2960G, 3560G, 3750G, 4507R in addition to the Catalyst 4507R-E switches, and some of them accepted the commands without issue. This is because when Catalyst is running the IOS 12.2 (25) SE feature described above, there are undocumented commands available.

    Should you use third party SFPs?

    unapproved gbic error cisco

    Has a mixed taste. We strongly recommend that you use third-party SFPs in advanced environments, but in a lab environment, this is probably a cheap solution.

    If you are using third-party GBICs, it is important to determine who will not support Cisco TAC for specific SFP issues, as they require fullth support. Here’s a small part, such as the Catalyst Cisco 3750G Q&A, which experts say refers to the use of SFPs from recent vendors on some switches:

    3750G-Stack (config) # service unsupported-transceiver

    Warning: If Cisco determines it is a bug or failure, it can be tracked

    customer or reseller uses third-party transceivers
    then, at Cisco’s option, Cisco may provide warranty support or Cisco backup software. During the Cisco Networking Product Support Period, Cisco may require an endpoint to install Cisco transceivers if Cisco, which relies on the removal of third-party components, provides Cisco with a diagnosis of the cause of the problem. problem.

    3750G-Stack (config) # does not detect gbic-invalid development bug

    3750G-Stack (config) # service?
    compress-config Compress configuration file
    config TFTP boot configuration files
    Counters Aging of connected interface counters dhcp Enable Leave responses to finger requests
    hide telnet addresses ckdig destinations in telnet command
    lnnumber na Decrease algorithm
    Old tips Using old scripts with Slip / ppp
    pad Activate PAD commands
    > Repeat password. Create Logger Tweets with Multiple Buffer Sequences
    slave IP addresses В В В В В В В В В В А A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A tcp-keepalives-in. Unproductive incoming network
    tcp-keepalives-out Generate keepalives for inactive outgoing system connections
    tcp-small-servers Activate TCP Tiny Server (EGECHO)
    , telnet-zeroidle Set the TCP window to zero when the connection is established. set to standby
    udp-small-servers Activate small UDP servers (eg ECHO)

    3750G Battery (config) #work


    Do the Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches interoperate with SFPs from other vendors?

    A. Yes, starting with version 12.2 (25) SE, the user has a reasonable choice through the CLI to activate third party SFP support. О However, the Cisco TAC will not service these third party SFPs. If connectivity failure occurs associated with these third-party SFPs, buyers must replace Special Day 3 SFPs with Cisco SFPs before TAC can complete the full troubleshooting process.

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